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Agricultural Flooring for Milk Tank Rooms and Milking Parlors

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Frequently Asked Questions

11 most frequently asked questions by dairy farmers:

Q: Will this interfere with my milking schedule?
A: Re-surfacing your floor can accommodate YOUR milking schedule.

Q: How long does the job take?
A: Generally floor installation 4 to 6 hours.

Q: Is the surface slippery and cleanable when completed?
A: The finished surface is non-slip and allows for easy water clean-up.

Q: Will the epoxy floor stand up to erosion from cleaning solvents and acids?
A: The epoxy floor has excellent resistance to caustic chemicals commonly used n the dairy industry

Q: What is the life expectancy of the floor
A: 15 to 20 years … or more!

Q: Can the floor be installed year around?
A: Yes. Cooler temperatures require additional heat for drying epoxy floors.

Q: Are there any warranties that apply?
A: We offer a 10 year warranty on workmanship, and product warranties vary with specific epoxy products.

Q: I’ve been written up by an inspector! Can you re-surface a floor by a specific deadline?
A: Dairlyland floors will make priority installations for inspector write-ups.

Q: What is the actual process involved in floor installation?
A:    -Floor cleaning
        -Diamond grinding of concrete surface
        -Acid etching
        -Acid neutralizing
        -Floor drying
        -Bio –torching
        -Trowelling epoxy floor
        -Epoxy floor drying

Q: How soon can the floor be used after the job is completed?
A: Resurfaced floors can handle foot traffic and water cleaning within 3 to 5 hours

Q: Who installs the floor?
A: I am the owner and installer, from initial inspection to job completion. When I leave, my reputation and your floor will walk together for years of service

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